Violence & The Military Strategic Line

How to Fight, How to Win? The Military Strategic Line for Imperialist Countries

How should Communists handle the military question within the imperialist center?  Insurrection?  Protracted Peoples’ War?  Are these entirely separate strategies or are they part of a continuum?

Revolutionary Initiative:

Theses on the Party Building Movement in Canada (“Theses on Strategy and Tactics”)

Thoughts on the RCP Program (section 10)

On Violence

Contemporary Parties:

Insurrection, PPW and the fusion concept – Basanta, Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

The necessity to revise the experiences of the past and to work out the present experiences by the light of the theory of the long lasting popular revolutionary war – (new) Italian Communist Party

Manifesto Program (excerpt) – (new) Italian Communist Party

More on the question of waging revolutionary war in the imperialist countries – RCP (Canada)

Violence and Street Fighting: Who Says It Alienates the People? – Mike Ely, Kasama Project

Focoism vs. Peoples War: Problems of Exaggerated Universality – Mike Ely, Kasama Project

Historic documents:

Remembering the Real Dragon- An Interview with George Jackson May 16 and June 29, 1971

Armed Insurrection and Our Tactics – JV Stalin, 1905

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