Mass Line

“The Communists fight for the attainment of the immediate aims, for the enforcement of the momentary interests of the working class; but in the movement of the present, they also represent and take care of the future of that movement.” – Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

Works from Revolutionary Initiative:

Mass Work and Proletarian Revolutionaries – Comrade Amil K.

Contemporary works:

Two Concepts of Mass Line, Two Different Roads: Part One and Part Two – Mike Ely, Kasama Project

Mass Work – Communist Party of the Philippines

Notes on Mass Line, Communist Organization, and Revolution – Neftahi

Historic Documents:

Mass Psychology and the Mass Line: What is Class Consciousness? – Wilhelm Reich, 1934

Be Concerned With the Well-Being of the Masses, Pay Attention to Methods of Work – Mao Zedong

Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership – Mao Zedong

Quotations from Mao Zedong, Chapter 11: The Mass Line

Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan – Mao Zedong, 1927

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