Study Guides

About the RI Study Guides

RI is compiling study guides on a variety of topics related to communist theory, movement building, understanding the revolutionary process, imperialism and anti-imperialism, the nature of Canadian society and other subjects related to making revolution in this country and around the world.  As we conduct our studies more material will be added, some will be removed and new questions will be raised.

The study guides are listed on the drop-down under “Study Guides” on the menu above.

It should be emphasized that material will be included because we believe it should be engaged with and discussed, not necessarily because it represents the positions of RI as an organization.  Indeed, many of the study guides will include different interpretations and contradictory positions – some we may unite with, some we may discard.  Content is subject to change without notice.

Contribute to the process!  Suggestions for new topics or general comments on the study guides can be made on this page below.  Contributions or debates related to specific study guides can be made on the relevant pages.

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