Let’s Resist and Fight! Statement by MKP on the Turkish Uprising [English & Spanish]

[From To a New Dawn] MKP: Lets resist and fight!  June 3, 2013 Maoist communist party Turkey-North Kurdistan  has released a statement about continuous massive people’s movement.  ” As long as the masses are being tortured, shot down and massacred  the Proletarian revolutionist’s cannot be a bystander!” “The side by side struggle is growing with the resisting and […]


Marxism as Anti-Philosophy: An Interview with Dario Cankovic

[From The North Star] Dario Cankovic is an unhyphenated Marxist without adjectives, a doctoral student in philosophy at the University of Western Ontario working on the history of analytic philosophy (specifically the Marxist origins of and influences on the Vienna Circle), with a deep interest in science and political economy. C. Derick Varn: The way […]


Introducing UpRIsing Vol. 3: Together, or Not at All: Indigenous Liberation & the Struggle for Communism

Where to Now? From Resistance to Revolutionary Struggle In the last issue of Uprising (Vol. 2: 2012), we focused on the question of building ‘dual power’ in large urban capitalist centers. This is the process of building a popular counter-power in opposition to that of the Canadian state and its institutions.  The ultimate task of […]


Mao’s Block of Four Classes: Lessons About Revolutionary Alliance

[From Kasama Project] by Mike Ely I think we should discuss how revolutionary alliances contribute to victory in a country… how we conceive of these alliances, and how we determine what they can be. Mao’s Block of Four Classes has become controversial — because it is a concrete example of a revolutionary alliance and yet […]