The necessity of women’s leadership in communist struggle – RI-CC Statement

Introduction to Issue #5 of Uprising: The necessity of women’s leadership in communist struggle Central Committee of Revolutionary Initiative Self-criticism: women’s liberation and party-building That Issue #5 of our theoretical journal Uprising should foreground an analysis of women in the imperialist world system is long overdue and much needed in Revolutionary Initiative (RI). Comrade Stella […]

Issue #5 of Uprising – Towards Women’s Leadership in Revolutionary Struggle

Issue #5 of Uprising Towards Women’s Leadership in Revolutionary Struggle Click image above to download or view Issue #5 of Uprising. CONTENTS Introduction to Issue #5: The necessity of women’s leadership in communist struggle – RI-CC Statement The Super-Exploitation of Women and Towards a Revolutionary Mass Line Women and Super-Exploitation: An Illustration Through Basic Concepts […]

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What is the Mass Line? Some Experiences and Reflections

In an effort to make our pieces increasingly accessible, we are trying to provide more footnotes for historical references and figures that are not contextualized within the body of texts, and glossaries for communist terminology that we may not find in what the Black Panther Party’s Fred Hampton once called “plain proletarian English.”  Comrade Stella […]

Apparently these guys had more in common than bad eye sight, dapper formal wear, and a good head of hair.  They both led and built communist parties through dynamic periods of growth and upsurge, and as Kenny Lake argues, we find in each similar strategic conceptions.

Gramsci & Gonzalo: Considerations on Conquering Combat Positions within the Inner Wall of Hegemony

The following article was submitted to Uprising by a comrade out of the U.S., Kenny Lake, who here advances the discussion commenced by Comrade Amil in his pieces on Gramsci and Mao on questions of building popular hegemony and moving towards a situation of dual power. Kenny Lake’s contribution opens up entirely new realms in […]


A Salute to the New People’s Army on its 45th Anniversary

Dear Comrades, Revolutionary greetings from Revolutionary Initiative.  From our humble place of struggle to develop a revolutionary communist movement that can stand alongside yours in the history of people’s struggles against imperialism and for socialism, we join you in celebrating 45 years of people’s war in the Philippines.  We celebrate with you the courage, steadfastness […]


The Super-Exploitation of Women and Developing a Revolutionary Mass Line

This article is the first in a two-part series from Comrade Stella B., exploring women’s gendered role in the capitalist economy and the development of the revolutionary mass line. This first installment explores class, value, production, and reproduction. The second installment will more deeply explore the question of the revolutionary feminist mass line. All authors […]


Women and Super-Exploitation: An Illustration Through Basic Marxist Economics

This article was developed by Comrade Stella B. as a basic illustration of some of the theoretical concepts which the comrade discusses and refers to in “The Super-Exploitation of Women and Developing a Revolutionary Mass Line (Part I)”.  Also see the comrade’s Glossary of Terms, another accompaniment to her theoretical document. You can download this […]

A Glossary of Terms for Understanding Women’s Exploitation

by Comrade Stella This glossary was specifically developed as an accompaniment to Comrade Stella’s theoretical contributions, The Super-Exploitation of Women and Developing a Revolutionary Mass Line (Part I) and Women and Super-Exploitation:  An Illustration Through Basic Marxist Economics, which have been put forward to stimulate discussion within and overcome the undertheorization of women’s liberation in our […]

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Clarification of the Terms on Dual Power

by Comrade Azaad In the past year, our organization has been working to synthesize its experiences and practice into a series of discussion documents on the question of what exactly it is we are developing in the immediate horizon, and how this relates to revolutionary strategy. Our point of convergence has been dual power. Here, […]


Introduction to Issue #4 of Uprising

Towards a revolutionary strategy in imperialist countries: Introduction to Issue #4 of Uprising Central Committee, R.I. In this issue of UPRISING, we continue the discussion and debate around revolutionary strategy, particularly as concerns imperialist countries. From this, Comrade Amil raises Gramsci’s ‘war of position’ as being similar to the concept of a protracted revolutionary struggle […]