A mural in occupied Derry, Ireland.

Revolutionary Feminism: Economic Transformation and Women’s Liberation – Comrade Stella B.

Second Version, July 2015 by Stella B. The following document is part two in a two-part series: the first of which was “Super-exploitation of Women and Developing a Revolutionary Mass Line.”i  This is the second version of this particular document, which has been revised for the upcoming release of Volume #7 of Uprising. In the […]


Sum up, surge forward – Editorial Intro to Uprising #6

Introduction to Issue #6 of Uprising: The Theoretical Journal of Revolutionary Initiative Issue #6 of Uprising has been a long time in the making and it emerges with little editorial foresight. Yet, it is perhaps the most significant issue we’ve published to date — if not for our readers, then certainly for the members of […]


The Pedagogy of the Party: Reflections on communist leadership development in light of Freire, Gramsci, and Mao – Comrade Amil K.

by Amil K. Preface A major internal assessment of leadership development practices in our organization has prompted me to revisit with a fresh set of eyes some of the ideas on pedagogy and party-building that I began to discuss two years back in my essays on Gramsci and Mao (“Towards the War of Position: Gramsci […]

Two problematic tendencies, and two-three problematic practices in RI – by Jameel M.

The following document was written in late 2013 by Comrade Jameel M. The contents of this piece speak to experiences of party-building and mass work in one particular region, but this document (combined with our ideological struggle around women’s liberation) played a part in catalyzing a deeper evaluation of our methods of party-building and mass […]

Graffiti in Bologna in support of the resistance in Kobane.

A Strategic Approach to Proletarian Internationalism – by Comrade Pierce

This article can be downloaded in PDF for ease of print and study here. by Comrade Pierce The RI Document Proletarian Internationalism: A Duty for all Revolutionaries has been a useful document in guiding the work of RI and there is much in this document that should be upheld and studied by revolutionaries.[i] In particular […]

Class Analysis and Class Structure in Canada: A Framework for Developing a Program of Revolutionary Multinational Struggle – by Comrade Stella B.

For a PDF of this document for download and reproduction, click here. by Stella B (with contributions from Comrade Pierce and Intro by Comrade Amil) Introduction Advancing our analysis of class, national oppression, and the overall structure of Canadian society has been a long-time coming for Revolutionary Initiative. It’s safe to say that our preliminary […]


The necessity of women’s leadership in communist struggle – RI-CC Statement

Introduction to Issue #5 of Uprising: The necessity of women’s leadership in communist struggle Central Committee of Revolutionary Initiative Self-criticism: women’s liberation and party-building That Issue #5 of our theoretical journal Uprising should foreground an analysis of women in the imperialist world system is long overdue and much needed in Revolutionary Initiative (RI). Comrade Stella […]